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From the desk of: Ivin Viljoencommenting

Did You Know This About Commenting?

  • It can increase your site’s traffic significantly.

  • With it you can increase the rank of your webpages within search engines.

  • You can quickly brand yourself or your business to contend for the better markets.

  • You can become popular, increasing your network for business.

I Reveal Every Single Ninja Trick I Personally Use To Get:

  • The Best Traffic From Every Comment.
  • Rank For Keywords I’d Like To Rank for.
  • Get My Face (Avatar) in everywhere so people take notice of me.

But… Why Should You Listen to Me?

Well, Brian Belfitt from Blogengage calls me a…

Master Commenter

Wong Chendong from the popular ‘BadBlogger’ blog calls me…

The Knight of Commenting

I get well known bloggers with large enterprises to pay me $3.99 per comment to comment for them. That’s $39.99 for ten comments. Why?

- Because of the Blueprint I use. Commenting isn’t just commenting. You need to do it right. And if you do it right, you get results. GREAT RESULTS!

And finally you can have
access to it!

commentingLet’s look at some stats:
commentingThe above is a brand new blog of one of my customers that is barely a month old. I have been able to get 120 pageviews per day for this blog just by using my Blueprint. There is no other traffic generation method used here.
commentingThe above stats is for the blog of this site. It’s also a little over a month old and has been able to reach a little under a hundred page views at it’s peak on the far right. This is also only using commenting as the marketing tool and the site is brand new.
commentingThe above stats are for my publishing blog, which is a little older (as you can imagine). It’s also the blog used in most of the  courses tutorial videos. The first spike there in the middle shows you how you can leverage the momentum of a blog and using this blueprint (which not only uses commenting on blogs alone, but other platforms as well) can do for your blog. That’s a rise of 400% in traffic.
I know that if you comment every day, for a month, using my Blueprint, you can have a blog with 250 unique page views everyday. On a NEW BLOG! If you have an established blog, you can get your blog’s traffic to increase by at least 200%.
So far, using my Blueprint, I have been able to build relationships with other blog owners that almost 40% of my visitors are coming back.

Lastly, look at this Tweet:
commentingProbloggers appreciate my comments.

Why is that?

Why am I successful and people call me a ‘master‘ and a ‘ knight‘? Why do I bloggers appreciate my comments?

  • Because I provide them with value on their blogs.
  • I bring my expertise to the table.
  • I push my face into conversations and ‘give’ of myself so
    people cannot but acknowledge and recognize me.

I make it difficult for professional bloggers not to. And I would go so far to say that I got my success, recognition and built my own name as a brand in 3 small months.

You can get GREAT results in as little as 3 months.

Are you one of these?

  • A Beginner Blogger? Then I’ve got you covered. And you are going to find a lot of great bonuses to help you with your overall online experience. (Psssst. I was once like you as well, and today, because of using the principles taught in this course, I rub shoulders with a lot of the big dogs. Some even call me a friend.) Don’t let the big scary bloggers dishearten you, I believe you also have something great to offer the world’
  • An intermediate blogger? Then I believe you know enough and have everything in place to really make use and leverage my ‘blueprint’ for bigger success and to take you to the next level.
  • A Pro Blogger? Many of you have stopped commenting, simply because you believe you’ve made it and don’t have to do that anymore. How much traffic, branding opportunities and rank – not to mention money – are you leaving on the table? Get back in the saddle and build your network and provide value to the community.

I Believe The Commenting Blueprint Will Bring You Success Fast!


I can back up my claims.

I know, I ooze a sort of irritating confidence, but doesn’t Mike, ‘ The Miz’ always do the same? Or perhaps Chris Jericho? Why are they doing that? Because they can back it up. Jericho is the first ever ‘Undisputed Champion’ in the WWE. And Miz, well, he claims to be the ‘must see’ superstar in the WWE. And I must admit, the WWE is a little bland since he has been away a while. So,

Let’s hear from some of my

Here Are Testimonials From Friends I Managed To Make Online Using My Commenting Blueprint.

commenting‘I’ve been watching Ivin comment over the past year on Blog Engage and other Blogs and his commenting system works 100%. He engages the blogger and creates conversations and new relationships. He is by far one of the most active commentators on Blog Engage and you can clearly tell from his popularity. In my opinion he is the master commenter of the new age for blogging. If you want to learn how to blog comment and drive traffic, The Commenting Blueprint is the only program with the perfect ingredients’ – Brian Belfitt, Blogengage.


commenting‘For a year I’ve seen Ivin being effective at making a personal connection with readers, branding himself online and he gets establishing a relationship with readers and people within his network, continuing to grow and expand his influence online.’ – Justin Germino, Dragonblogger.



commentingThis is the first course I know exist about commenting, and I know everyone already  knows what it is all about, but why do “most” people not get results out of their  commenting efforts? Well… because most people are doing it the wrong way, even if their comment gets approved by the blog owner. So, if you truly want to get results with your commenting efforts, like increasing your traffic, building good relationships online using commenting, then look no further as Ivin, aka “The Knight of Commenting”. The Commenting Blueprint will show you the correct way to do commenting that gets you results.’ -Wong Chendong, The Bad Blogger.
commentingIvin’s Commenting Blueprint allows you to take your blog into the next level using commenting as your main marketing method. Successful commenting takes time and effort. So, our goal is to do with commenting with high efficiency. I   have seen Ivin’s comments – and they are fantastic. I have also seen the course. Ivin has completely written the course based on his experience and experiments over building a blog with commenting as the marketing strategy. The course itself is useful not for just new bloggers, but also for established bloggers like me.’ JeevanJacob John – Blog Networking 101.

I also won a competition on a very prominent blog through commenting.

So, What Will You Find Inside The Course?


Well, I have designed the course to cover every single aspect of commenting yourself and even managing and accommodating comments on your own platforms as a blogger. Let’s look at what’s inside…

commentingThe 411 of Commenting

In the 411 section of the course, I explain the dynamics of commenting and why it is important for not only bloggers, but anyone  trying to market or brand online. The videos included here are:

  • An Introduction to Commenting
  • What is Commenting?
  • Why Commenting is SUPER Important
  • Why Bother Commenting?
  • What New Bloggers Need
  • What Intermediate Bloggers Need
  • What Probloggers Need.
  • Setting Up Your Gravatar
  • Signing In Before Starting a Campaign.
  • How To Find Blogs To comment On (Plus My Personal Swipe

Commenting Tools.

If you’re a blog owner wanting to make use of the dynamic that opening up your blog to commenting could provide you, you need to get the right tools. In the videos below I look at the most prominent ones and discuss them in detail. They cover topics like:

  • Commenting Platforms
  • Spam Filters
  • Subscription Plugins (Comments and Lists)
  • Various other great plugins.

My Personal Strategy.

If you want to win at blogging, and marketing anything online, you need a winning strategy. If you want to brand yourself or your product and get a lot of exposure, rank for your desired keywords and make money online, my strategy will help you do it in 1 – 3 months. The videos included in this section are:

  • Elements Of a Proper Comment
  • Commenting On High Profile Blogs Part 1 & 2
  • Commenting On Social Blogging Platforms
  • Scanning a Post
  • Commenting On My Own Blogs
  • Forum Sign Up and Signature.
  • Commenting On Forums
  • List building Part 1 & 2
  • Link Building with Commentluv
  • Link Building Mistakes
  • Landing Guest Posts

Commenting Admin.

In this section I share the different ways to administrate the entire commenting process, as host and commentator. The videos pertain to the following:

  • Spam
  • WordPress
  • Policies
  • Management Companies
  • Working with Trolls and Spammers
  • Setting Up And Reading Analytics.


Here Is A Sample Video.


And Now For The Bonuses.

Here is what you will also find in the course, at no extra cost to you.




Is Your Head Spinning Yet?

Mine is. And you’re not even inside the course yet…


This Is NOT the course for you if:

  • You want a quick fix to your traffic problems.
  • If you want to ‘push a button’, as’t were, and have traffic ‘FLOODING’ in.
  • You think you can spam blogs.
  • You’re lazy and DON’T feel like working hard.
  • Don’t want a large following online and a great group of professional, successful friends.
  • You are selfish with your knowledge, expertise and your time.

Rest Assured!!!

Rest assured that this IS the PERFECT course for you if:

  • You have the discipline and gusto to work hard and make a
    success of your online experience.
  • You want to make great connections with successful
    professionals online.
  • You want your name or product recognized as a brand.
  • You want to build momentum that’s going to give you great
    traffic – which means conversions into sales.
  • You want to learn how to utilize the Web 2.0 to its fullest
    potential it has to offer you.

Here’s why you need my help.

  • When I started blogging, I bought every single guru’s course and books I could lay my hands on.
  • I wasted a lot of money chasing the latest fad.
  • Google changes their rules in ranking in the search engines every six months or so – and sometimes good bloggers and internet marketers get penalized, lose a lot of money or worse, have their businesses close down!
  • I was told by professional bloggers in their reports: ‘Give yourself six months to make good money blogging’. Did I? No.
  • I kept looking at my Google Analytics account day in and day out and I cannot figure out why I am not going up in views.
  • I got tired of making my blog posts look like key worded advertisements just so they can rank in the search engines, and then, Google says they will penalize you for using too many keywords.
  • I had spent $3000 on trying to get my business to work until…

I started using THIS BLUEPRINT, commenting online through various channels and platforms that brought me the following results:

  • A 400% rise in traffic on big blogs. From zero to 200 page views per day in one month.
  • Built connections with big name bloggers – no one is out of reach!
  • Built a brand that a lot of people recognizes.
  • Rank for competitive keywords.
  • Make money online because of all the above.

All through using my Commenting Blueprint.

The Commenting Blueprint.


Let’s look at how much this course is worth.

  • A 60+ Guru-Like Video Course To Teach You Everything About
    Commenting and Making it Work For You. $ 250
  • 6 Powerful, High Value Ebooks Teaching You The Ins And Outs Of Powerful Social Platforms @ $27 ea. $162
  • A 6 video course on Pinterest $49
  • A 60 Video Course on Mastering WordPress $150.00.

That’s a total of a little over a $600.

Listen to This Deal!

For all of those awesome things I added on top, +- 130 training videos, 6 ebooks and other coupons you would usually pay in excess of a $600.00 I’m not even going to ask you half of that. $500.00 would be reasonable, but I won’t even charge you that. For NOT EVEN a quarter of what this amazing course is worth, I will give it to you for…

$49.00 $27.00

Yep, that’s right. You won’t even pay a quarter of the price today. Now hurry, because I have only made 150 copies of this course available and there’s…

Only 7 copies left!


Now remember this!

commentingI give you my personal 30 day full purchase price guarantee. If you don’t like the course, it’s not working for you, you don’t have time to try it out or you ‘cooled off’ and you think you made a mistake; I will refund your purchase immediately (if it’s within a 30  day period after your purchase).
1You gotta hustle to make your dreams happen!

P.S. There is NO course like this currently on the market. You will definitely not get this course at this price once it’s sold out. And this information is available nowhere else in course format EXCEPT in this course.
P.P.S Take action. Put yourself in charge of your own destiny and be rewarded for it as you deserve. The Commenting Blueprint makes earning money online so easy that all you have to do is follow a Blueprint to do so. All that you need to do is make sure that you get your hands on it, as soon as possible.

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